Thursday, 26 January 2012

Work in Progress

A striking part of a motorcycle is the engine of course. Therefore it could not be absent in the CAD model. To ensure that the project is not too time-consuming (pardon?) I tried to get my hands on a 3D model of the XS650 engine.

I knew that, among others Mark van der Kwaak ( had to have such a file. So I threw my desire around on mail, but did not directly find a file in my inbox. Which is not so strange because such a time consuming model you don’t give away that easy. So I began to measure the XS650 engine and put it in the computer. Until a very helpful Frenchman answered my prayer and borrowed me his beautiful 3D XS650 model. Thank you very much GĂ©rald !

Here some more screens.


  1. Vette 3D model Bro!!

  2. Hey mate, any chance I could get this off you. I am in the process or building a cafe racer and this would be greatly appreciated.


  3. same! awesome model... Im chopping mine. Im a design engineer and use 3D cad all the time and that would come in so handy... happy to make a contribution via paypal!!!


  4. Sorry guys, I borrowed the engine model from a very helpfull Frenchman. It's indeed a beautiful one, the engine of course. I have a agreement with him for personal use only.
    What I want to do; send me your email address and I'll forward it to him.

  5. Tha, I see your address just now :-)
    I've forwarded them.

    1. I saw that you had the solid works model for the xs650 enginve, I was wondering if you still might have it.

  6. I aslo would like to have a copy of the engine model for personal use. I am just starting on a '73TX and want to build a softail with hardtail look. Modeling the frame in SolidWorks 2011 and Having the file would make mock up so much easier.

    Thank you in advance!

  7. I was wondering if anyone might have the model of the xs650 engine in solidworks.