Thursday, 26 January 2012

Work in Progress

A striking part of a motorcycle is the engine of course. Therefore it could not be absent in the CAD model. To ensure that the project is not too time-consuming (pardon?) I tried to get my hands on a 3D model of the XS650 engine.

I knew that, among others Mark van der Kwaak ( had to have such a file. So I threw my desire around on mail, but did not directly find a file in my inbox. Which is not so strange because such a time consuming model you don’t give away that easy. So I began to measure the XS650 engine and put it in the computer. Until a very helpful Frenchman answered my prayer and borrowed me his beautiful 3D XS650 model. Thank you very much GĂ©rald !

Here some more screens.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Men at Work XS650 Dirt Tracker

I’m taking part in a really cool event at the upcoming Motorbeurs Utrecht. It’s called “Men at Work”. 23 February – 26 February.
 Together with three other companies we are going to build a motorcycle there on the spot. Companies are; Ben Oud’s Motorspuitwerk, GvE Bikes and Star Twin Motors.
 It’s a customer’s bike and it’s going to be a Dirt Tracker based on a Yamaha XS 650 engine. The customer is inspirited by the work of Mule Motorcycles.
 To be well prepared appearing at the scene, I’m modeling the motorcycle in CAD together with Sander of StarTwin Motors.
Using this CAD file we’re going to make the frame and other necessary parts.
Here are some screenshots so far.